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A Grief Resource for Children 

Jade's life and legacy are the driving forces behind the vision of When Jade Smiles. The following is Jade's story, as told by her loving mother. 


The moment I laid eyes on Jade I knew she was special. From birth she was high spirited and joyful. As her mother, I knew the world had better step aside and make room for this girl. Jade was going to leave quite an impression on all those she would meet.


Jade’s smile was infectious and her personality magnetic. Always the peacemaker, her throngs of friends called her loyal, selfless, caring and fiercely protective.


To the very end...

This is Jade's Story

Jade’s caring nature extended beyond humanity. On March 30, 2013, her friend’s dog Daisy who was blind, slipped out of the house into an approaching storm. Concerned for her safety Jade ran after her, taking no thought for her own safety and had just picked her up when a drunk driver hit and killed them both before leaving the scene.


Struck down in the prime of her life, Jade was just 23 years old, and had a bright future with plans of becoming a teacher. She never had the chance to step into the classroom, but the way she lived her life has taught us many lessons. I knew Jade was unique, but I can honestly say I’ve learned more about my daughter’s influence in the short time following her death than I’ve known for many years through the words of her friends who constantly tell me stories of her endearing nature.


Jade’s life has reminded me and our family about the things that really matter. We’ve learned the value of giving and the importance of encouraging others. Jade had a way of making her loved ones and friends feel as if they were the most important people in the world. She had a gift for pulling people out of their shyness, and she shifted the environment by never allowing others to speak negatively in her presence.


Jade didn’t need to preach love – she personified it.



Jade left behind a son named Jacob, who was only six months old when his mother was killed. He will be told stories of how awesome his mother really was. He will know that her spirit has left an indelible mark on the many lives she has so positively influenced.


Living without a parent is difficult. I can only imagine what children who have lost parents must go through. Jacob joins a group of young people with a unique set of needs. They will need our collective help to see them through.

God laid it on my heart to set up this foundation.


When Jade Smiles is a nonprofit dedicated to providing assistance to children who have lost a parent. We want to provide a support system for these children so they can overcome any obstacles often associated with loss.


Much like her life, we believe this foundation will provide a beacon of light to children who need it.


When Jade Smiles is destined to change lives as it honors a special young woman who has changed our lives....forever.


We love you Jade. 


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