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Thanks to our wonderful supporters we were able to send our Kids to CAMP EL TESORO DE LA VIDA GRIEF CAMP for Summer Camp in July.

When Jade Smiles partners with El Tesoro to ensure our kids are getting needed grief support.

Most adults have experienced loss and grief, but children do not always possess the necessary skills to cope with their loss effectively. El Tesoro de la Vida, a week-long resident camp for children ages 6-17, helps children learn these skills alongside their peers.

The program consists of 90% traditional camping activities such as horseback riding, archery, canoeing, hiking, nature study, swimming, crafts, sports and games. The other 10% of activities are structured to help children through the natural grieving process. Certified professional counselors lead small group sessions and are on-site at all times to provide counseling and support.

Campers are placed in cabins based on age and gender along with two adult volunteers who are educated in the grieving process.

Please contact us if you know of a child that needs grief support. and would like to attend this summer camp.


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